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Message Boards - The Rules

No insult, abusive or defamatory message, racist, sexist, xenophobic or homophobic message will be accepted on these forums, as well as any deliberate provocation or agressive behaviour towards oser users.

These board are an area of debate and discussion: All practices such as "quick chat" (short messages, personnal discussions) are not admitted. Phonetic or SMS language are not welcome on these pages.

Avoid double posting as much as possible, use the "Editer" (Edit) function instead. This is not an option, rather a practice to get used to

Also, unnecessary messages in order to increase the number of messages posted is a practice to avoid.

The moderators give themselves the right to delete any messages that are not in phase with the forum's rules, and ban the author of these messages if necessary

Each contributor agrees to respect these rules and other users. Banters is obvisouyl allowed, but the maintenance of a good atmosphere on these message boards is the responsibility of all users

Last but not least, if you open a new topic, make sure it's title is explicit and in accordance with the category in which it was created. The readability of this forums depends on it.

Many Thanks

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