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#51 08-09-2017 11:55:51

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Re : With a little help from my friends ! (Entraide français-Anglais)

Yeah, you can generally use both of them if you like. They both work in most situations, but here are some general rules:

Will = When something is probably going to happen, but you're not sure about the exact details or timing.

Examples: "I will get a job eventually" "I will visit the Grand Canyon before I die" "Rennes will win a trophy someday"

Am going to = When something is decided and definitely happening.

Examples: "I am going to go to the match on Sunday" "Celtic are going to play PSG next week" "Zvon is going to get mad at everyone who criticises Bensebaini" tongue

Those are just guidelines though to help you sound more like a native. In general, you can use "will" or "going to" in most of the same situations. Nobody will really notice or care which one you use, they're both accurate.

For "About to", that one is more specific. That means you're literally going to do the thing very soon.

So "I'm about to leave" = The person is leaving in a couple of minutes.

In French, you can just say things like "Je pars" or "J'arrive" just before you leave or arrive, and in English we would use "I'm about to".

Je suis Anglais, alors désolé pour les erreurs.

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#52 08-09-2017 13:25:42

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Re : With a little help from my friends ! (Entraide français-Anglais)

It's very clear , thank you !

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#53 11-10-2017 00:43:47

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Re : With a little help from my friends ! (Entraide français-Anglais)

I think you can also add another way to speak about a future event. If the event is about to happen you can say:

I'm going to my appointment this afternoon.


I'm mowing the lawn tonight after work.

Hope it helps.

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